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Abstracts & Patterns
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abstract - 1. Considered apart from concrete existence. 2. Not easily understood; abtruse. 3. A genre of expression whose intellectual and affective content depends solely on intrinsic form.

Perennially popular, especially among graphic designers, abstract imagery is utilized for its ability to catch not only the eye, but the mind as well. Often used as design elements in advertising, such photos also make appealing cards, calendars, and other decor products.

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N60-28 Ken Smith's "Daisy Border". Cornerstone Festival of Gardens. Sonoma, Sonoma Co., CA
K106-03 Champagne Riddling Rack. Historic winemaking equipment display. Artesa winery. CA
C40-11 Under some ferns. Sonoma Coast. Sonoma Co., CA
F41-06 Close-up of Lupine blooms. Bald Hills area. Redwood National Park. Humboldt Co., CA
S02-37 Abstract of vines and mustard. Spring in vineyards. Dry Creek area. Sonoma Co., CA
TH81173 Abstract of weathered, uprooted redwood tree base. Del Norte Redwoods SP. Del Norte Co., CA
M46-09 swirling rainbow of colors of hot air balloon. Siskiyou Balloon Faire. Siskiyou Co., CA
TH81538 Abstract of buildings reflecting in windows of highrise office building in the financial district. San Francisco, CA
L85-24 abstract of color of Colorado Plateau sandstone. Grand Staircase Esc. NM. Kane co. UT
U07-10 Big Leaf Maple leaves in Fall color. Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve. Sonoma Co., CA
F07-18 total abstract of sandstone along Pacific coast. Salt Point State Park. Sonoma Co., CA
I45-32 Grasses and water of Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Great Basin. Elko Co., NV
S07-07 Wind patterns in sand dune. Sand Mountain - rear. Great Basin. Desert. Churchill Co., NV
N37-10 Abstract of palms at Ellis Farms. Borrego Springs. San Diego Co., CA
R31-13 Clumps of clouds.
S49-32 Sun reflects golden light on beach sand. Pacific coast. Bandon, Coos County, OR
L35-13 Rolled dried mud (caliche) on playa of Alvord Desert. Great Basin. Harney Co., OR
J69-01 Lake Abert, an alkaline Great Basin lake. Lake Co., OR
M01-32 Bare trees in orchard. Russian River region. Sonoma Co., CA
U61-34 Abstract of erosion. Towers of Silence. Grand Staircase Escalante NM. Kane Co., UT
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