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The Great Basin
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Encompassing nearly the entire state of Nevada, southeastern Oregon and a small portion of western Utah, the Great Basin is defined by the fact that none of its watersheds drain to any ocean. Water from its alpine-forested mountain ranges flows into arid, sagebrush-covered desert basins occasionally forming lakes, most of which are seasonal and dry up to create cracked, dusty playas by summertime.

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I62-32 Playa of Alvord Desert. Steens Mountain, 1 mile above desert. Great Basin. OR
I29-24 Sagebrush prairie. Great Basin. Granite Mtn. Santa Rosa Mtns. Humboldt NF & Co., NV
G36-10 Highway 375, the extraterrestrial highway across Great Basin desert. Nye Co., NV
U100-33 Bunchgrass and cow pies in dry High Rock Lake. Great Basin desert. Humboldt Co., NV
I28-11 Pyramid Lake. A Great Basin lake feed by Truckee River. Washoe Co., NV
U96-20 Driving across the vast playa of the Black Rock Desert. Great Basin. Pershing Co., NV
U103-05 Digging for fire opals at Royal Peacock Opal Mine in Virgin Valley. Great Basin. NV
S69-04 Cattle & Windmill. Winnemucca Mountain. Great Basin. Humboldt Co., NV
I45-10 Window in Bressman Cabin. Ruby Lake Nat Wildlife Refuge. Great Basin. Elko Co., NV
I45-27 Dawn light on Ruby Mtns. Ruby Lake Nat Wildlife Refuge. Great Basin. Elko Co., NV
F68-32 Big Indian Gorge. U-shaped glacial. Mountain Mahogany. Steens Mtn. Harney Co., OR
I46-19 Pit mine at BHP Copper - Robinson Operation. Ruth, White Pine Co., NV
G40-28 Jarbidge-Charleston County Road thru aspens in autumn. Copper Mtn area. Elko Co., NV
L31-32 Grasses surround Indian Springs. Great Basin. Hart Mtn Nat Antelope Refuge. OR
S12-19 One of the twisting eroded siltstone canyons at Cathedral Gorge St Pk. Lincoln Co., NV
I42-25 Beaver dam, pond, lodge. Lamoille Canyon. Ruby Mtns Scenic Area. Humboldt NF. NV
U93-20 Ruins of officers quarters. US Army fort 1861-1870. Fort Churchill SHP. Lyon Co., NV
G36-08 Dust storm cloud (miles long, maybe 1,000 ft. high). Railroad Valley. Great Basin. Nye Co., NV
S06-33 Wind patterns in sand dune. Sand Mountain - rear. Great Basin. Desert. Churchill Co., NV
G36-32 Yellow wildflowers carpet Great Basin desert along Hwy 95 south of Fallon. Mineral Co., NV
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