Hyperfocal Chart example
REMINDER FOR DIGITAL CAMERA USERS: Enter your lens' actual focal lengths. DO NOT enter 35mm equivalent focal lengths.

Hyperfocal Distance Chart Maker

  1. Select the unit of measure: feet or meters.
  2. Select a film format or enter the LMF for your digital camera. Entering the make and model number of your digital camera will include this information on the printed charts. This is useful if you have several cameras with different LMFs.
  3. Aperture f-stops: Default values are standard, however you may change these to create any series of aperture f-stops.
  4. Lens Focal Lengths: The default values are common 35mm focal lengths, but you can change them to suit your needs.
    TIP: Empty focal length boxes will not appear as a row in the chart. Clear any default values if you don't need ten focal lengths.
  5. Click the "Create Hyperfocal Chart" button. A new window will open with a chart showing the hyperfocal distance for every aperture and lens focal length combination.
  6. Print the chart for easy reference anytime, anywhere!

Hyperfocal Distance Chart Maker
Select Distance Unit: Feet   Meters
Enter Digital Camera LMF:
Enter Camera Make & Model:
(Lens Multiplier Factor)  
Or Select Film Format: 35mm   645   6x6cm   6x7cm   6x9cm   4x5in   8x10in
Aperture f-stops:
Lens Focal Lengths:
Setting focus at the hyperfocal distance gives maximum depth of field from 1/2 the hyperfocal distance to infinity.

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