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Petroglyphs and Pictographs
Southwest Native American Rock Art
Stock Photo Gallery

When speaking about Native American rock art, people often use the words petroglyph and pictograph interchangeably but they really are two different things. Petroglyphs are etched, carved or gouged into the rock whereas pictographs are simply painted onto the rock surface.

Regardless of the technique used to make them, these markings largely remain a mystery. Who made them? Why were they made? What do they mean? These are the questions that run through ones mind when standing in the spot their creator once stood thousands of years before.

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U32-08 Great Basin Petroglyphs. Grimes Point - Hidden Cave archeological site. Churchill Co., NV
U53-27 Petroglyphs of many different cultures. Newspaper Rock. Newspaper Rock St Pk. UT
U38-23 Person pondering pictographs at Buckhorn Wash Rock Art Site. San Rafael Swell. UT
H18-37 Anasazi petroglyphs in one of Zion's many canyons. Zion Nat'l Park. Washington Co., UT
S25-24 Fremont culture petroglyphs. Capitol Reef Nat'l Park. Colorado Plateau. Wayne Co., UT
U32-06 Very old "Pit & Groove" petroglyphs. Up to 7,000 yrs old. Grimes Point. Churchill Co., NV
I04-34 Petroglyphs, desert varnish. Valley of Fire State Park. Great Basin. Clark Co., NV
I04-30 Petroglyphs near Mouse's Tank. Valley of Fire St Pk. Great Basin desert. Clark Co., NV
G15-31 Detail of Great Gallery pictographs. Horseshoe Canyon. Canyonlands Nat Park. UT
J15-36 Petroglyphs in Panamint Range. Death Valley National Park. Inyo Co., CA
U38-10 2,000 yr old pictographs. Buckhorn Wash Rock Art Site. San Rafael Swell. Emery Co., UT
G32-29 Anasazi hand prints & design pictographs. Jailhouse ruin. Grand Gulch Primitive Area. UT
G16-14 Hunting with bow & arrow pictograph. Horseshoe Canyon. Canyonlands NP. UT
U38-20 2,000 yr old pictographs. Buckhorn Wash Rock Art Site. San Rafael Swell. Emery Co., UT
G24-16 Hand print pictographs at Cave Springs. Needles district. Canyonlands Nat'l Park. UT
G15-03 Person views anasazi pictographs. Horseshoe Canyon. Canyonlands NP. Wayne Co., UT
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