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Siskiyou County, California
Stock Photo Gallery

Located in Northern California along the Oregon border, Siskiyou County is a mountain-high, river-deep wonderland rich in history, natural resources, and recreational opportunities.

Comprised of the Cascade Range in the East and the Klamath Mountains in the West, the region originally was the homeland of the Karuk, Modoc, Shasta, and Wintu Native Americans until gold miners arrived to scour its rivers and creeks in the mid-1800s. Today, while mostly recreational mining continues, rivers like the Klamath and Salmon are better known for their steelhead and salmon fishing or for the rapids that challenge and delight rafters and kayakers.

Much of the region is densely forested National Forest land. Wilderness Areas such as the Marble Mountain, Russian, and Siskiyou (one of my favorites - filled with black bears... or was that Bigfoot?) offer solitude to backpackers, equestrians and skiers.

Siskiyou County is also at the heart of the State of Jefferson. In November of 1941, several Northern California and Southern Oregon counties attempted to secede from their respective states to form a new state - Jefferson. Had it not been for the outbreak of WWII, Jefferson might have become the 49th State of the Union instead of Alaska!

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C46-14 Mossbrae Falls. Sacramento River. Near Dunsmuir, Siskiyou Co., CA
F85-34 White water rafting on the Klamath River near Happy Camp. Siskiyou County, CA
C87-23 Dawn, White Marble Mountain. Marble Mountain Wilderness. Siskiyou Co., CA
F83-37 State of Jefferson flag w/ "State Seal". Siskiyou County Museum. Siskiyou Co., CA
T42-13 Mushpot Cave - a lighted lava tube. Lava Beds Nat'l Monument. Siskiyou Co., CA
J80-25 Russian Lake in granite cirque. Russian Peak. Russian Wilderness. Siskiyou Co., CA
F82-02 Hot air balloons over bales in scenic Scott Valley. Siskiyou Balloon Faire. Siskiyou co., CA
M29-29 Wildflowers above Clear Creek. Siskiyou Wilderness. Klamath NF. Siskiyou Co., CA
C89-35 Fry Pan Lake in dawn's rosy twilight. Marble Mountain Wilderness. Siskiyou Co., CA
F85-05 Gold mining on the Klamath River. Red Butte mtns, rear. Siskiyou Co., CA
G54-33 California Pitcher Plant - Darlingtonia californica. Siskiyou Wldness. Klamath NF. Siskiyou Co., CA
S38-36 Lower falls of the McCloud River. Shasta National Forest. Siskiyou Co., CA
N03-08 Various grasses, plants. Tule Lake NWR. Klamath Basin. Siskiyou Co., CA
M48-04 Old stamp crushed gold ore. Quartz Valley. Siskiyou Co., CA
L55-34 Mt. Shasta. Heart Lake. Shasta National Forest. Siskiyou Co., CA
M50-28 Twilight Sky. Trees on ridge above Bear Lake. Siskiyou Wilderness. Siskiyou Co., CA
T63-05 Logs in Raspberry Lake. Copper Mtn. Siskiyou Wilderness. Klamath NF. Siskiyou Co., CA
M28-10 Eroded rocks along Clear Creek. Siskiyou Wilderness. Klamath NF. Siskiyou Co., CA
N15-31 Schonchin Butte. Lava Beds National Monument. Siskiyou Co., CA
F87-13 State of Jefferson Scenic Byway road sign. National Forest route. Siskiyou Co., CA
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